Doesn’t someone in your life deserve one of these?

Every morning, Keith has a cup of coffee.  Or, two.  Sometimes three.  Never more than three, except when he has four, or five, or possibly six.  But that’s the limit, well, most of the time.

Lately, instead of using the regular sized cup, he uses the big one.  Because that way he gets more coffee in each cup.  Or three.

Or, for the little woman ( or, heck, for the mistress ), you might get a Keith Explains! thong.  They’re quite rare.  Probably for a good reason.

Keith Explains! Thong

If you’ve got an alcoholic friend:

Keith Explains! Beer Stein

If you’re a nerd, or in love with a nerd:

Keith Explains! Mousepad

This isn’t technically Keith Explains merchandise, but it’s a something the geeks love:

“You can fix anything with enough gotos” t-shirt

All profits from the sale of Keith Explains! merchandise go somewhere, but I certainly don’t get any of them.

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